FenceGuard is a fence line maintenance mowstrip product designed to prevent the growth of grass/weeds under and around fence lines. FenceGuard reduces labor (eliminating the need to use string trimmers) and eliminates the need for cosmetic chemicals. 10+ years and hundreds of successful installations across the country. Excellent customer satisfaction and reports of significant return on investment. FenceGuard is easy to install o​n new fencing or existing fencing with clearance.

Benefits & Features

Alternative Approach to Turf Maintenance Beneath Fences

Alternative Approach to Turf Maintenance Beneath Fences

Alternative Approach to Turf Maintenance Beneath Fences


  • Simply mow over the edge of FenceGuard panels to maintain a consistent and attractive appearance
  • No need to return to site with trimmers or use chemicals


Alternative Approach to Turf Maintenance Beneath Fences

Alternative Approach to Turf Maintenance Beneath Fences


  • Customer-preferred 22” width pieces (each 5.5 feet long)
  • Broader coverage than alternatives allowing for easier maintenance (mowing equipment speed) and less potential damage (distance from fence)
  • Cost effective alternative to concrete





  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Notched for round posts (3” diameter)
  • Pieces overlap to cover ground between fence posts
  • Durable, flexible polymer with UV treatment
  • Profile of sides slopes to meet grass edges
  • Pieces can be cut for various fencing configurations
  • Made in U.S.A. from recycled plastics





  • Pricing is determined by which zone the product ships to
  • Download the product sheet at the link below to get an accurate estimate
  • FenceGuard is sold in units of one dozen pieces – minimum purchase 8 dozen (1/2 pallet)


FenceGuard Commercial Brochure (April, 2020) (pdf)


FenceGuard Residential Brochure (Apr., 2020) (pdf)


Fence Line Maintenance Cost-Benefit Analysis (Apr, 2020) (pdf)


Customer Feedback Examples

    "As an end user of the FenceGuard product, we are completely satisfied with its durability, maintenance and aesthetics. We have the product in all of our park facilities that host ballfields.” 

“We installed FenceGuard on ballfields with existing fencing. We no longer need to spend time or money on chemical treatments or trimming. If you have never seen or used FenceGuard, all I can say is that you’re missing out on some huge savings.” 

“We installed FenceGuard under the existing fencing at a youth baseball field. The installation process was straightforward, and was completed primarily through volunteer efforts from our local baseball association. FenceGuard has allowed us to complete the field maintenance more efficiently, while providing a neat, clean-cut appearance along the fence lines.” 

“We installed FenceGuard on existing fencing that surrounds especially high-traffic athletic fields. I arranged a 4-person crew to loosen the fence fabric, install the FenceGuard panels, & to secure the fence fabric. I have been extremely pleased with the appearance & performance of the product. We plan to budget for & purchase additional FenceGuard in future years to reduce chemical usage & to eliminate the countless hours of trimming.” 

"I have placed four separate orders for FenceGuard. It has paid for itself in the savings it has provided, both in time (hours of trimming) and budget (maintenance costs).” 

“State legislation does not allow us to use chemicals on public grounds, fence lines included. FenceGuard has proven to be an effective, chemical-free, & labor-saving solution to fence line maintenance.” 

“We installed FenceGuard over 10 years ago. The UV treatment has allowed the FenceGuard to maintain its appearance & functionality. FenceGuard is designed to adapt to ground movement/shifting. I live an area that experiences extreme winters. I have experienced concrete that has fractured due to frost heaving, but I have yet to replace even one panel of FenceGuard.” 

“We purchased new fencing & chose to self-install FenceGuard. It was very easy to install. Given our budget, we were able to expand our fencing mowstrip at least 4 times beyond what the budget would have allowed if we had chosen concrete. We have been extremely pleased with the durability & performance of the product. When we have future fencing projects, it is a no-brainer that we will be installing FenceGuard.” 

“It did not take long for FenceGuard to pay for itself. We no longer need to spend time or money on chemical treatments. With the 22” width, our large, riding mower maintains the grass edge, so we no longer need to use trimmers or push mowers on the fence lines. 

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